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Dirección Técnica y Artística:
Hilario Álvarez y Nieves Correa
Yolanda Pérez Herreras

Acción!MAD10 - VII Encuentro Internacional de Arte de Acción de Madrid
A Space for Live Art

Acción!MAD10 - About Limits

Acción!MAD - The Madrid International Performance Meeting, this year celebrates its seventh year with the clear intention to specialize and deepen in the field of Performance Art, an independent genre and self governed by its own laws of space and time. And that is why, this year we have chosen as theoretical framework the idea of "About Limits", because of the ability of Performance Art to transcend any limits that Criticism, History or its own practice has created, and the "fruitful pollution" which has led to the rest of the Visual Arts, Scenic Arts and Music.

This year we have grown considerably in the number of scheduled and proposals and regarding the number of spaces where it will take place: Off Limits, Matadero Madrid, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía and Antonio de Nebrija University; and although we stick to our international line, the number of Spanish artists is quite large.

As in previous years, half of our programming is dedicated to Performance Art done by women, because from the first editions has been our intention to highlight the enormous importance of their contribution to this genre.

We understand the need to create a new web of artists who can benefit from the experience of those who preceded them, and so they will contribute with their own ideas and views, and this year we have begun by collaborating with the European University of Madrid, so that in our program there will be a space in which six students from the Faculty of Fine Arts, selected by the faculty itself, will present their ideas and proposals.

This year, we begin with an editorial project, the magazine Efímera, born with the purpose of creating a reflective space around Performance Art, s space for research and artistic creation that breaks the editorial vacuum about this practice. Efímera is run by Zara Rodriguez Prieto, BA in Art History from the University of Salamanca.

Also this year we have a new space, "Espacio Diseminación", through which we will work together each year with one or several international programmes to promote the work of Spanish artists abroad. In this issue, we collaborate with Epipiderme - Encontros da Volta Performance. A space that monthly programs Performance Art in Lisbon.

Activity carried out in collaboration with the Cultural Programme 2007-20013 of the European Commission, Ministerio de Cultura de España, Area de Gobierno de las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid.

Ministerio de Cultura de España         Programa Cultura 2007-2013 de la Unión Europea

Area de Gobierno de las Artes del Ayuntamiento de Madrid

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