Acción!09MAD - VI International Performance Art Meeting Madrid
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Acción!09MAD - VI International Performance Art Meeting Madrid.

This new event of Acción!MAD that we present is lightly different from the previous meetings since this time it will take place in four different venues for three weeks:

  • OffLimits: space with an independent management that is situated in an old bread baking oven built in 1908 located in Lavapiés.
  • Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid: one of the most important private cultural centres in Europe, it is distinguished for its open-minded position towards the most outstanding and innovative trends in art.
  • La Casa Encendida: the social and cultural centre of the social activities of the bank Caja Madrid, it is an open and dynamic centre where you can find the most avant-garde artistic proposals as well as courses and workshops on environment and solidarity.
  • Matadero Madrid: it is a lively and variable space in the service of creative processes, participatory artistic education and dialogue among artists.

This year, the contents of Acción!09MAD are structured round three main frameworks:

PERIPHERIES WITH NO CENTRE: among other things we owe globalization the disappearance of a centre, of centres. Thus it is that there is a different look from those peripheries without a central reference. A way of doing Performance Art that has its own hub. Distances or belongings are not important anymore and each point of view adopts its attitude precisely because of the freedom of its difference.

PERFORMING SPACES: many of the most interesting proposals on Performance Art are not thought for the "white cube" of an art gallery or a conventional scenic space, but for heterogeneous hybrid, public, private spaces. In this main framework, the program has been established according to working spaces.

WE WOMEN, YOU WOMEN, THEY WOMEN: the importance of being a woman in Performance Art is unquestionable and their contributions have enriched this art genre in a significant way, and so we wish to dedicate an specific theoretical as well as practical space to the Performance Art done by women.

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